We own a well-organized network of medical device technical support, which consists of specialized technicians, a fully equipped laboratory, and the ability to cover the whole territory of Iran. Technical support is part of the company’s services which are certified for their compliance to the following standard requirements: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.
Technical support is fully trained and certified for the services they provide from the medical device manufacturers.

Committed to providing high quality products and exceptional service, the Technical Department provides ongoing care and product support. Our Technical Team is available to answer questions relating to our range of medical devices, provide general procedural advice or investigate any device related issues.

  • Maintenance, repair, electrical measurements, dosimetry
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Product upgrade
  • Implementations, transportation
  • Return of old equipment for new deliveries on request
  • Product training for users or service technicians

Special care is given to periodic Preventive Maintenance and Quality Validation to increase the operating life of Medical Equipment thereby ensuring our Clients’ investment as well as minimizing any corrective maintenance costs. Through the use of the latest technology in Medical Equipment Testing Instruments and Simulators, each device is continually monitored to ensure its performance under the manufacturer’s standards.

This restrictive plan is implemented by a team of trained professional engineers with the help of specially designed software for maintenance management, reporting, and evaluation. High Tech After-sales team aims to keep and enhance our professional performance in this area to offer our best service to our clients, this is accomplished through:

  • Improving the life span of equipment; in addition to End Users training.
    Maintaining optimal productivity in equipment used to ensure that Hospitals obtain a maximal return on investment.
    Ensuring the safety of all persons, both hospital patients, and staff during the use of hospital equipment.
  • Helping you keep your equipment in top condition
    Medical equipment performs at its best when it is correctly calibrated and undergoes regular maintenance. We will work closely with you to ensure that we support you with the highest quality service, which means that you can stay focused on your core business – because we will take care of the rest.