KEA FEATURES : A SBT's exclusive product Volumic mass: 35 kg/m3 Removable Cover 195*90*14 1 year guarantee
KEY FEATURES : Single piece mattress - 4 cut sections Highly resistant moulded foam Volumic mass: 35 kg/m3 Removable integral cover
KEY FEATURES : Multi-capacity single piece mattress ALOVA visco-elastic moulded foam Volumic mass: 80 kg/m3 Counter-moulded foam base, variable volumic mass depending on use and weight of individual (< 120 kg, < 130 kg, <150 kg) Removable cover (screen-printed depending on model) Version available for child medical bed, for Duo medical bed, for medical bed + 135 kg (< 270 kg)
طراحی سایت و بهینه سازی سایت توسط اینتن